Balance Keyboard – wired


3 Tilt Options
The Balance Keyboard comes with a negative, neutral and positive tilt to adapt to any workstation.
Perfect partner
The Balance Keyboard is made specifically to maximize the benefits of the RollerMouse.
Reduce Reach
A compact design, and sleek body helps minimize unnecessary reaching.
Compact Size, Big Impact
The Balance Keyboard is unique in that it is a compact-sized keyboard with a full 10-digit number pad. This means that you get all the functionality of a “full sized” keyboard while reducing your reach, keeping your hands in front of you, and allowing your elbows to the stay in a neutral posture.
Every Inch Counts
That’s why the Balance Keyboard has minimized the buffer below the spacebar. Although it may not seem like much, reducing the reach to the keyboard by half an inch can have a huge impact on you ergonomically, bringing the keyboard and RollerMouse closer than ever before.
Negative As a Positive
Another unique feature of the Balance Keyboard is its tilt options. Balance Keyboard has the option for a negative tilt, which means the “F” keys are lower than the space bar, which helps keep your hands in a relaxed neutral posture while typing.
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